Humidity control is dry. Learning about it doesn’t have to be.

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Episode 05: Improve your humidity problem without buying equipment

Dan breaks down the five primary sources of moisture, and why they’re an issue. Once these are addressed it’s likely you’ll need less equipment to control your humidity problem than you previously thought.

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Episode 04: Multi-coil Design with Special Guest Scott Sloan

Crazy energy bills from inefficient dehumidifiers? That doesn’t need to be a thing. Quest uses a proprietary multi-coil design to produce the most efficient units in the world. Scott Sloan, our refrigeration engineer, shares how the design works to save you money and improve performance.

EPISODE 03: Reducing dry-down time after clean-up cycle

One of the most frequently asked questions by Food Processing customers – How can we bring our FSMA-compliant facility back online quickly after a 3rd shift clean-up operation? Here at Quest, we have a solution to help you reduce dry-down after a cleaning shift by employing these tactics to make sure you stay on the right side of the FDA or USDA and improve efficiencies.

Episode 02: How to ManageRegeneration Air WithoutAccess to Exterior Air

Desiccants can present a challenge when it comes to how you handle regenerated air – the air coming out of the desiccant dehumidifier is extremely hot and humid. Sometimes, routing that hot, humid outside is an ineffective option. Before we address the solution – it’s worth understanding where to place the unit.

Episode 01: How To Route Your Ductwork

How to route desiccant dehumidifier ductwork is the most common question in the food processing industry when it comes to managing humidity. That’s why Quest engineers have spent hours upon hours (seriously, like, an unsettling amount of time) fine tuning what they have found to be the best approach.

No matter what you do, we can help you craft a customized solution to fit your needs