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High levels of humidity and condensation can cause all kinds of problems in the food and beverage industry. Excessive moisture can lead to injury, unscheduled downtime, maintenance problems, loss of income, food safety and product quality issues, just to name a few. To ensure your production and storage facilities or retail grocery spaces runs at peak efficiency, it’s critical to find the sources of your high humidity and address them.

WHen you need climate precision, count on Quest

A proactive step you can take to reduce the amount of moisture inside your food and beverage processing plants, storage facilities and retail grocery spaces is to choose a dedicated dehumidification system. Quest dehumidifiers eliminate everything from hoar frost, mold, overhead condensation, excess humidity after washdown cycles, and slips and falls on the production floor and in shop-in coolers. Additionally, our desiccant and portable dehumidifiers are perfect for managing latent loads in semi-refrigerated prep rooms and can reduce humidity from infiltrating stores.



  • Baked goods
  • Beverages
  • Breweries
  • Dairy: ice cream, cheese and whey
  • Flavors and ingredients
  • Frozen foods
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Grocery and convenience stores
  • Meat processing
  • Plant-based foods


Grocery Store Design Tool

Grocery Store Design

Humidity Control Doesn’t Have to be Difficult. Find Your Problem. See the Solution.

A new, integrated approach to controlling your environment from Quest saves money, improves store climate and helps improve aesthetic and safety issues. The key: Let each piece of equipment focus on what it does best.

Address store humidity the right way.

Energy Efficient

Drawing on very few amps, Quest dehumidifiers provide sound energy-saving solutions.


Many of our compact, high-performing dehumidifiers are portable and can be easily moved throughout your facility where needed.

Top Food & Beverage Concerns

  • Food quality
  • Safety
  • Regulatory issues



Quest Solves Your Production Moisture Problems

Quest Dehumidifiers help improve the consistency and productivity of your process while reducing waste and cutting down costs with highly efficient moisture control solutions.


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