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Corrosion and Rust, Meet Your Match

High humidity levels in the environment have a direct impact on the infrastructures and electrical workings of bridges, water treatment facilities, substations, switchgear rooms and wastewater treatment plants. 

Oxidation of metal structures is known to speed up when RH (relative humidity) in the environments exceeds 50%. Electronic devices, circuit boards, components and data used in the mechanical rooms are also highly sensitive to humidity levels. 

Proven Solutions for Your Humidity Problems

Never paint or insulate your pipes again. Instead of overspending on unnecessary and time-consuming maintenance, prevent damage from condensation with Quest dehumidifiers. We design and manufacture the most powerful, most energy-efficient commercial dehumidification equipment on the market.



  • Bridges
  • Mechanical and equipment rooms
  • Mission-critical buildings
  • Power plants
  • Substations
  • Switchgear rooms
  • Wastewater treatment centers
  • Water storage and distribution systems
  • Water treatment plants



Humidity control is critical to ensure moisture doesn’t damage your processes or put your employees at risk. It’s also important to remember variable temperatures and constrained placement mean you need a targeted solution. Quest is on a mission to bring simple, expert-backed products to our customers.

Versatile Lines of Action


Many of our products can be used in standalone or ducted options and provide humidity control solutions across a wide range of industries.

Light Bulb

Energy Efficient

Drawing on very few amps, Quest dehumidifiers provide sound energy-saving solutions.


Utility companies require substantial maintenance budgets to battle the damaging effects of condensation. The high humidity and lower temperatures of water treatment facilities make dealing with condensation problems even more difficult.


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