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Knock Out Humidity Once and For All

As a fitness or athletic facility manager, your number one priority is to ensure a safe environment for the clients, athletes, fans and coaches who spend time in and around your sports complexes, ice rinks, fitness centers and gyms. 

If left uncontrolled, indoor recreation spaces are the perfect breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold.  Excess moisture build-up from breathing and sweating not only makes working out uncomfortable but can also contribute to foul odors and shorter equipment lifespan.

Quest Dehumidifiers, Your First Round Draft Pick

Proper humidity control, ventilation and filtration not only safeguard the comfort and health of an athletic facility’s occupants but the well-being of the equipment and buildings. Quest delivers consistent and predictable environmental control.  Team up with Quest today!




  • Athletic facilities
  • Arenas
  • Gym and fitness centers
  • Ice and hockey rinks
  • Locker rooms
  • Sport centers
  • Stadiums



Humidity control is critical to ensure moisture doesn’t damage your products or put your employees at risk. Quest is on a mission to bring simple, expert-backed moisture control solutions to our customers.

Three things facility operators should do to improve air quality

  •  Increase outdoor air ventilation as much as the existing HVAC system will allow
  • Replace air filters every 90 days
  • Run all restroom exhaust fans constantly to create negative air pressure in those areas
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Energy Efficient

Quest has the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers available, using the least electricity and removing more pints of water per kWh at the widest temperature range. Quest’s innovative design also creates the lightest heat load on your HVAC, paying for itself in energy savings.

Carrying Packet


Many of our compact, high performing dehumidifiers are portable and can be easily moved throughout your facility where needed.