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Distribution & Logistics

distribution and logistics

Protect your assets from the adverse effects of moisture

Whether it is for a period of few hours or a few months between production, distribution, and storage your products likely have a low tolerance for extreme humidity and temperature swings. 

Industrial, warehouse and cold storage spaces especially have a high risk of accumulating moisture and ice buildup. This condensation can damage not only the interior building structure but also equipment, property and inventory. Even the act of moving products between notably different environments may cause significant moisture to develop. 

Taking Control 

The starting point for humidity management is to add a commercial desiccant dehumidifier to your existing climate-control system. Quest desiccant dehumidifiers are highly efficient moisture control solutions and will help improve the productivity of your distribution and storage process while reducing waste, cutting down costs, and preventing slip and fall hazards.



  • Cold storage facilities
  • Distribution centers
  • Industrial spaces
  • Military warehouses
  • Refrigerated cross-docking, warehouses and distribution centers
  • Supply chain centers



Humidity control is critical to ensure moisture doesn’t damage your product or put your employees at risk. Quest is on a mission to bring simple, expert-backed products to our customers.

Energy Efficient

Drawing on very few amps, Quest dehumidifiers provide sound energy-saving solutions.


Many of our compact, high performing dehumidifiers are portable and can be easily moved throughout your facility where needed.


Know the Symptoms of High Humidity in cold storage facilities

  • Frost buildup on ceilings, walls, and racking
  • Ice buildup on the floor
  • Excessive frost load on evaporators
  • Dripping condensation
  • Ice/frost on refrigeration system components
  • Wet ceilings and staining


Adding a commercial desiccant dehumidifier to your existing climate-control system is a cost-efficient, sustainable and highly-effective solution to your humidity problem.



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