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It’s that simple with Quest.

Maintaining precise humidity levels is a critical step in ensuring moisture doesn’t damage your products, facility, or put your employees at risk. At Quest, we partner with a wide variety of agriculture, industrial and commercial industries, sharing our expertise to help customers create the most productive, climate-controlled environments possible.  By having a Quest commercial dehumidifier sized and tailored to your specifications, you will have an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and lasting solution to all your humidity problems. 

Consistent Environment

If the moisture level of the air becomes too high in your facility, drying times can be severely delayed, holding up production, increasing energy use, and resulting in lost productivity. 

Condensation on window

Facility & Product Preservation

High humidity is the mastermind behind frost, ice buildup, condensation, mold, and fungus problems that can, at their worst, ruin your products and shut down your whole operations. Adding Quest dehumidifiers ensures you have the most reliable system to control humidity.

Safety Issues Solved

Steam, humidity, and frost are everyday byproducts of various agricultural and industrial processes and wet flooring can result in slip-and-fall injuries or facility damage. Quest dehumidification systems fix humidity issues before they become a liability.

Customized Solutions

Not only does Quest design and manufactures the most powerful, most energy-efficient commercial dehumidification equipment on the market, but we also have a team of experts standing by to help you craft a customized solution to fit your needs.


The key factor in having a successful grow is controlling your environment. The right commercial dehumidification setup can take your indoor grow operation to the next level. Say goodbye to crop losses from molds and other pests and say hello to peak productivity. Quest dehumidifiers are the backbone of a well-controlled environment. 


Food & Beverage

Quest dehumidifiers maintain ideal conditions in food and beverage processing/packaging facilities and save energy, cut costs, and help create safer work environments.  

Industrial & Manufacturing

Excess humidity can do more than just make for a slippery, unsafe environment. It can also lead to mildew and sanitation issues. Optimal humidity levels can be achieved with Quest products.


Distribution & Logistics

Because a significant portion of a product’s lifespan is spent in transport and storage, it is critical to address the root causes of moisture and humidity. Countering the threat of moisture accumulation with Quest dehumidifiers effectively protect products and ensure they are ready for the retail shelf.


Natural Supplements

From gel-cap deterioration to hydrolyzed active ingredients, inconsistent relative humidity levels burden vitamins, supplements, and nutraceutical production. Quest desiccant dehumidification efficiently stabilizes humidity levels when precision matters.


Science & Technology

Humidity can have serious consequences on materials and equipment in labs, data centers, and research and testing facilities. By controlling excess moisture, Quest can help you lower costs without sacrificing your product’s quality.


Energy & Utilities

An uncontrolled climate in water treatment plants, substations, wastewater treatment facilities, and bridges can wreak havoc on pipes, electrical panels, and overall building structure. Quest provides efficient and cost-effective solutions to these common humidity problems. 


For self-storage facilities, managing relative humidity is a key factor in retaining clients. High humidity can cause mold and mildew growth, as well as structural damage to clients’ stored property.  Quest dehumidifiers control your climate and keep humidity in check.

Sports & Recreation

Your customers want a comfortable, sanitary, odor-free facility. Quest humidity controlling products can help your gym, spa, fitness center or ice rink put its best foot forward.