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Humidity Issues in Restaurants

The kitchen is supposed to be the cleanest place in a restaurant, so why does it seem to have persistent cleanliness and hygiene challenges? You may have tried boiling out mold with hot water, cleaning every square inch of your facility with powerful agents, or even using a restoration company to remove toxic material. While they may provide a temporary fix to the symptoms, they don’t get to the roots of your issue.

Sources of Humidity

There are prevalent sources of humidity throughout any kitchen, most of which are integral to the processes and efficiency of the kitchen. Here are just a few examples of where humidity may be infiltrating your facility:

1.      Dishwashers

Keeping silverware and kitchenware clean is a must for any restaurant, but where does all the water go? Whether washing by hand or by machine, excess moisture may be a result of this process.

2.      Cleaning Methods

Keeping everything from workstations to the entire kitchen clean keeps your restaurant in business and health inspectors happy, but depending on how you approach this, it most likely brings in more moisture. Washing down your facility introduces even more moisture to your kitchen, but cutting any corners here could cost you your bottom line if your restaurant is shut down.

3.      Outside Air

Every time a customer opens the door, your staff enters the kitchen, or produce is delivered, moisture is finding its way into your facility from external air. While you may try to keep the doors closed as much as possible, there will always be some amount of moisture brought in.

Effects of Humidity

While humidity certainly isn’t your biggest concern, it can spell out disaster when left unchecked. There are a few core effects that humidity has on your kitchen when humidity levels get too high.

First off, mold and/or bacterial growth is the first sign of danger. Given a high enough humidity, your kitchen could become a breeding ground for malicious organisms. Mold loves warm, damp places, and the warm air and humidity introduced by the everyday processes of a kitchen provide the perfect environment. Another big issue is appliance maintenance costs, as humidity can turn out to be a death sentence for many kitchen-based appliances. Rust, corrosion, loose fittings, and undue stress on the electronics within your appliances are all signs that your humidity levels have grown out of control.

Finally, your staff and customers will experience discomfort within the facility when the kitchen is both hot and humid. In an industry where retaining experienced employees is at a premium and discerning customers notice unfavorable odors, maintaining good indoor air quality could set you apart from other restaurants.


Solutions to restaurant Humidity

Since you can’t stop washing your dishes or cleaning your kitchen, how can you get your humidity back under control without hurting your bottom line? While some turn to air conditioners for solving their humidity issues, they are extremely inefficient for removing moisture and will impart more stress than they are meant for. Often, this will result in a cold, uncomfortable restaurant that still has excess humidity, resulting in dripping condensation from the ductwork, pipes, and wet floors.

The best solution is a dehumidifier, as they are specifically designed and tested for tough situations such as these. Using a dehumidifier allows you to keep cleaning your dishes, washing your facility, and opening your doors without letting your humidity get out of control. A dehumidifier fights mold growth, protects your appliances, and keeps your air at comfortable conditions without breaking the bank. In fact, it saves money that would be lost on appliance maintenance and personnel turnover. With the added benefit of air filtration, a dehumidifier is undoubtedly the best approach for keeping your humidity in check.

Finding the Right Dehumidifier for You

It’s important to find the right dehumidifier for your application, one that can handle the water load and filter your air without becoming just another appliance in your facility. At Quest Dehumidifiers, we’ve worked with dozens of kitchens to solve their humidity issues, from large chain restaurants to small craft breweries, bakeries, and cheese facilities. Our talented team of HVAC experts and product experts are here to help, feel free to contact us today to solve your humidity issues!