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cold storage challenge

A local cheese maker has been serving a high-quality product for over 100 years. Using local, high quality ingredients from Wisconsin, the company prides itself on offering cheese products that are top notch. During summer, the cold storage shipping dock would sweat due to the dock doors being opened to the damp outside air near the facility.

Boxes of high quality cheese products would sag and collapse, and the carefully crafted dairy products would be ruined. In the facility, condensation would form on the ceiling and rain down on the floors. This created a dangerous environment for factory workers. With high humidity also came condensation and corrosion on the walls and shelving. This created additional to the dangers of the work zone.

Searching for a solution, the company called on the experts at Therma-Stor to solve their condensation and humidity problems.

cold storage Solution

To find a solution, the Therma-Stor team started with an in-depth analysis at the client’s storage facility. We calculated the water load based on the size of the room, the freezer equipment, geographic location. Additionally, onsite data monitoring of the affected area was conducted.

We found that the humidity level was too high. However, it wasn’t possible to solve the problem in any of the most common ways. For shipping and transport of the products, the doors had to be opened and closed regularly. And, keeping the cold storage facility near the docks made shipping convenient and cost-effective.

The client opted for installing a Quest 850D desiccant dehumidifier. The highly efficient dehumidification solution was exactly the right fit for their budget and the scale of the facility.

Cheese wheels cold storage

The Result

The energy efficient and cost-effective Quest 850D desiccant dehumidifier fixed the problems associated with high humidity. The system removed 372 pints of water from the facility climate each day. This was exactly amount needed to make sure there would be no more condensation buildup in the cold storage area.

The client no longer has product damage, facility damage, or safety issues associated with high humidity in their facility. The cost savings from that alone is noteworthy. Add to that the energy savings by using the efficient humidifier, and the entire process saved the company big time.

Therma-Stor Saves the Day for Cheese Company

While stinky cheese may be a delicacy, it was not so delicate to the client’s bottom line. This local cheese company was able to save their product, lower the safety risks to their staff, and cut down on waste by calling on the team at Therma-Stor. Don’t wait until your product is ruined. Call on us now to learn how a dehumidifier could solve your humidity problems.

For a custom analysis and recommendation, contact the team at Therma-Stor now.