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Dansplainin’: The Real Cost of Reheat (VIDEO)

For years, the HVAC industry has used large amounts of AC and reheated air to remove humidity from facilities. It’s a costly approach that drives energy bills sky high and at best produces unpredictable and inconsistent results. 

The issue, at its simplest, is the right tool for the job isn’t being used. It’s like using vice grips to hammer in a nail. It may work – sort of – but it isn’t going to be pretty. 

In the latest episode of Dansplainin’, Quest applications engineer Dan Dettmers breaks down why reheat isn’t ideal, especially as facilities are pulling in more ventilated air than ever before in an effort to remove germs. Additionally, he highlights the science behind why stand-alone dehumidifiers are an ideal solution when consistent results and lower operating costs are important. 

To go in-depth, understand the problem and see the solution, check out Episode 8.  

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