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How to properly size your dehumidification equipment

Getting at how much humidity control you need isn’t the international man of environmental control mystery, like many of us think. In fact, how to properly size your dehumidifiers is relatively straightforward IF you have the necessary data.

In the latest episode of Dansplainin’, Quest’s applications engineer Dan Dettmers breaks down what he’ll need to know to properly size your facility, so he can provide the right amount of dehumidification.

Essentially, it comes down to two things:

  1. How much moisture you need to get rid of.
  2. How much capacity you have to installed to remove humidity.

To gauge the amount of moisture, Dettmers is interested in:

Regarding capacity, Dettmers wants to know what type of HVAC unit you have installed and if you have any other equipment, such as exhaust hoods, that’s extracting moisture.

“We ask a lot of weird questions, but it’s because the last thing we want to do is provide you too much or too little dehumidification for your needs,” Dettmers said.

To get the specifics and learn what you’ll information you’ll need, check out the video.

Still have questions after watching? Need help determining the specifics? Give us a call or send us an email.