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Quest’s patented technology

Providing the most energy-efficient dehumidification.

multi-coil refrigeration recovery

The secret behind Quest’s unparalleled energy-efficiency is our patented multi-coil design, or as we like to call it: M-CoRR (short for Multi-Coil Refrigeration Recovery). You won’t find this technology anywhere else.

M-CoRR is engineered for maximum performance, allowing Quest to be the most energy-efficient and the best return on your investment, paying for itself in energy savings over time. M-CoRR’s innovative design performs better over a wider range of dew points, even at colder temperatures, and maintains capacity regardless of airflow fluctuations.

How does Quest’s
M-CoRR technology work?

To put it simply, we recycle.

Traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers have a single refrigerant-filled evaporator coil that cools the air passing through it to extract the water from the air (because cold air holds less water). Once the air is cooled below the dew point, water condenses. Energy captured in the refrigerant during water removal is returned to the air in the form of heat at the second coil, the condenser.

The magic of Quest’s M-CoRR Technology is its multiple coils. Quest designed the typical evaporator coil into three separate refrigerant-filled coils: the pre-evaporator, evaporator, and recovery coil.

The first coil, the pre-evaporator, cools the air. The second coil, the evaporator, cools it even further to pull out the water. The third coil recovers the energy from pre-cooling the air to be recycled back into the evaporator for reuse.

The impact?

Quest uses less energy and pulls 30% more water from the air,
while expelling less heat into your space. We’ll get into that.




benefits of using
m-CoRR technology

Highest Efficiency. Lowest energy usage.

Higher efficiency = lower electricity usage per pint of water removed.

M-CoRR technology pulls more water out of the air per kilowatt hour than any other dehumidification technology. Period.

Less Heat Output.

Inefficiency = Heat.

It takes energy to run the fan and compressor in your dehumidifier. During dehumidification, this energy converts to heat that warms your room. The more energy your dehumidifier consumes, the more heat it expels. Quest dehumidifiers featuring M-CoRR technology are the most efficient dehumidifiers in the world, which means they put less heat in your environment.

more capacity, smaller footprint.

Your space is valuable.
Dehumidifiers powered by M-CoRR are more compact. This technology averages over 20% smaller than traditional LGR dehumidification technology of the same capacity.

Wider Operating Range. Tighter control.

Thanks to its multiple coils, M-CoRR technology equips Quest to maintain performance better than traditional dehumidification equipment, even in cooler temperatures and dew points, with less frequent and faster defrost cycles. Less time spent in defrost neutralizes spikes in temperature and relative humidity, keeping the environment consistent and, in indoor cultivations, VPD dialed in.

Want to learn more? Check out our Youtube Channel.


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