Keep your brewery clean and safe.

Excess humidity can do more than just make for a slippery, unsafe environment. It can also lead to mildew and sanitation issues. It's time to take control.

Powerful, efficient dehumidification.

Quest Hi-E Dry 195

This mobile, high capacity dehumidifier's durable enough to last and easy to move to exactly where you need it.

Quest 70

Compact dehumidification — great for smaller spaces and limited budgets.

Quest Dual 205

Keep large brewing spaces mildew-free with this high-capacity commercial dehumidifier. Hang it overhead or install, duct and control remotely.

Quest Dual 105

Our flexible Dual dehumidifiers allow you hang the unit out of the way — and the compact Dual 105 offers an economical, efficient solution for smaller spaces.

Quest Dual 155

This mid-range capacity dehumidifier offers total flexibility: Hang the unit overhead or use ducting to pipe dehumidified air into any space.

Quest Hi-E Dry 120

If your brewery's dehumidification needs are ever-changing, this unit's standing by. Place it where you need it, and store it when you don't.