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Self Storage:
Why Dehumidification
OVER Air Conditioning?

While heating and air conditioning can protect against radical temperature swings as seasons change, a climate-controlled facility isn’t actually climate-controlled if it isn’t managing humidity. To be a climate-controlled self-storage facility, dehumidification is required. Heating and air conditioning do not reliably or efficiently control moisture. The truth is that mold, insects, and pests can thrive, regardless of temperature, if the relative humidity is 60 percent or higher. To break this down further—you may be creating an environment for mold growth, even in lower temperatures if the RH isn’t kept in check (~50%).

Your customers want asset protection

What it really boils down to is asset protection (dehumidification) compared to comfort (temperature). When businesses or homeowners utilize climate controlled self-storage facilities, they expect their items to be maintained and protected. Moreover, when the items are removed from storage, it is critical that they are in the same condition as the day they were placed into storage. If humidity levels aren’t properly managed, the results are unpredictable and customers’ possessions are at risk of the damaging effects of moisture.

The one takeaway? Design your systems to do what they do best, let the HVAC equipment provide the heating and cooling needed to control temperature; let the humidity control equipment do what it is designed for: control humidity levels.

Solutions For Humidity Control in Self-storage

A few popular humidity control solutions are the Quest 155, Quest 225, and the Quest 335, the most energy-efficient dehumidifier on the market. The 335 also features advanced filtration technology— which ramps up the fan as the filter becomes dirty.

Quest’s team of experts will work with you to find a humidity control solution that works with your existing HVAC system, space, and infrastructure. Contact us below!

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Is the facility air conditioned?
Is the facility insulated?
Is there any fresh air or exhaust ventilation?
Do the storage units share the same air?
Are they opened at the top or are they individual units that are closed off from one another?
Is it built with opening at top so air can circulate amongst the units or are the separate individual unit that are closed off from one another?
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