Humidity problems?
Take control.

Save energy, save time, protect your investment. Time to make your humidity issues disappear.


Here to help you master any environment.

Quest 876

Our highest capacity refrigerant dehumidifier — with patent-pending technology available nowhere else.

Quest Dual 165

At 230V, efficient and flexible is the name of the game for this 165-pint-per-day capacity dehumidifier. Hang overhead or use ducting to keep the unit completely out of the way — the choice is yours.

Quest 185 Cool

This efficient split-system dehumidifier removes both water and heat to minimize air conditioner energy consumption.


Take control of your environment and say goodbye to mold and the crop losses that come with it.

Water Treatment

Your budget will enjoy the cost and labor savings of surfaces that don’t need to be painted every year. And everyone appreciates safe, condensation-free floors.

Quest offers a robust, proven solution to your water treatment facility’s humidity problems.

Cold Chain

Keep your coils out of defrost and protect your stored goods with our comprehensive line of energy-efficient dehumidifiers.


Keeping your facility clean and mildew-free.

Labs & Data Centers

When you need climate precision, count on Quest.


Quest offers affordable solutions for making maintenance easier and operations safer — say goodbye to windshield fog.

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