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Special Report: Humidity and climate control

Special Report Humidity and Climate Control cover

In this Special Report: Humidity and Climate Control, we look at the challenges facing cultivation operations and the role of climate control.

We are back with an updated report, first published in 2017 called the “Smart Humidity Report”.

Not surprisingly, pest and disease management and humidity control remain some of the top challenges in cannabis cultivation operations today. These two things are tightly interwoven and have a large impact on each other.

The best way to combat these issues is by prevention. By maintaining proper humidity, growers can create an environment where it is difficult for pests and disease to thrive. With growing concern over pesticide use and more rigorous product testing, humidity control remains the most effective and healthy way to manage these types of issues.

This report includes survey results pointing to trends in growing conditions. It also features insights around prevention and helpful information around VPD and what it means. More than ever, producing consistent, high-quality products is a must for a successful cultivator. We hope this report aids in that effort. Beyond this, we have many helpful resources on our website

As published in Cannabis Business Times.

This report is based on data from proprietary research conducted by Cannabis Business Times, with support from Hawthorne Gardening Company and Quest, as well as insights from cultivators and experts.