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the original in energy efficiency.

don’t debate. just rebate.

Quest dehumidifiers are recognized for their efficiency and often qualify for rebates from local utilities. If you are looking for more information, please reach out to one of our Regional Sales Managers. We are happy to help steer you in the right direction.

Setting a Standard in Humidity Control That’s Anything But.

Since 2006, we’ve worked alongside cannabis cultivators to develop dehumidifiers specifically designed for their needs.

Real expertise.No posing.

You’ll find our engineers and industry vets in the field – err, grow rooms – not the office. They understand nuanced needs, from how to handle humidity in different climates to helping you dial in your dehumidifier sizing. You get a team of pros who’ve seen nearly every challenge you can throw at them.

Serving YouSince 2006.

Long before recreational cannabis swept across the country, our Quest crew was helping cultivators – from California to Colorado – perfect their environmental controls. Since those early days, when our overhead dehumidifiers led the market, we’ve continued to pioneer new technologies to ensure you get precision control at every stage of the grow.

The Most Efficient.Then. Always.

Performance is your priority. But managing costs for climate control is a real issue. We built the most energy-efficient dehumidifier. Then did it again. And again. We only sell products on par with the quality of your cannabis – and we do it in a way that saves you thousands in energy and maintenance costs.

Custom ClimateControl.

Our teams size, spec and install our units as needed to ensure your environmental controls are optimized for your facility, plants and geography. That’s how we’ve always done it. Because every grow is different. No cookie-cutter recommendations, here.

Find the Quest that’s right for your grow.

Cannabis Climate Control Comes of Age.

Growing With The Industry.

From overhead units to custom features, the original continues to evolve.


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Medical MarijuanaComes Calling

Cultivators turned to Quest early on given the reliability of our units and because they could be hung overhead, freeing up valuable floor space for additional plants.


Recreation drivesinnovation

When Colorado and Washington legalized recreational cannabis use, the industry began to boom, with everyone wanting a piece of the pie. Quest, already firmly established as the go-to for dehumidification, continued to innovate. During this time, Quest experts and engineers worked closely with growers to test new setups and understand all possible variables a cultivator may face.


The Legend of 225

Seeing an opportunity to help growers improve their humidity control with a dedicated commercial dehumidifier, the Quest team spent countless hours on the road, meeting with growers – primarily in California. This early commitment to learning what cultivators need led to the industry’s adoption of the famed Quest 225, still found in countless grows worldwide. It set the benchmark for performance as the world’s most energy-efficient dehumidifier.



As the industry expanded, one thing didn’t change: Many of the industry’s top growers continued to turn to us for humidity control. From the legendary L.A.-based Jungle Boys to Washington’s Phat Panda, Quest remained the go-to dehumidifier they could trust.


A new era in humiditycontrol

As indoor farms grew in size, cultivators needed a new solution for humidity. They turned to the Quest crew. With the launch of the Quest 506, growers now had a unit that could remove far more moisture from the air but could still be hung overhead. Taking the crown as “world’s most efficient,” it became the new standard for large operations who wanted room-by-room control of their humidity levels.


The Quest 335 ComesAlive

Cultivators called. We answered – and then took it up a notch. Yes, the 335 meets a need for a mid-size commercial dehumidifier that’s insanely efficient. But it goes further. We introduced a variable speed fan and switch that detects air pressure changes in the unit. If pressure changes, the fan speeds up to ensure the dehumidifier maintains the desired CFM. The result: Consistent humidity control, even as filters get dirty.

The Quest 506 is a large-capacity dehumidifier used in cannabis grow rooms.

Go ahead, spend some time with the original.

Take a stroll through our line of dehumidifiers. We’re sure you’ll find the model that’s right for your operation. And you can rest assured, knowing it’s engineered to handle the rigors of cannabis cultivation.

“The Quest 506, coupled with their expertise in the cannabis industry, has really helped us find the sweet spot when it comes to humidity control.”


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Size up your dehumidification needs with our proprietary calculator.

Take a deep dive into dehumidificationwith our experts.

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