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South Louisiana Self-storage Case Study

Climate control in the self-storage industry can be tricky. Protecting your clients’ goods is paramount to your success, however, installing a costly system will hurt your pocketbook. Find out how we tailored a solution to a self-storage company with a humidity problem and discover how you can protect yours.

The Problem 

David Clemons, owner of The Storage Depot in Southern Louisianna, was having a major problem with humidity in his storage facilities. The area is well known for its volatile humidity levels, even so, operating costs were increasing and the regular remedies weren’t working for their particular problem.  

High humidity levels in storage facilities can seriously damage stored goods. The Storage Depot is responsible for the integrity and safety of their clients’ possessions, which meant that they needed to find a remedy before mold and mildew could start degrading stored goods.  

David attempted to use an HVAC system to control the climate of the storage facility, but this solution wasn’t working. While the temperature of the affected areas held steady at 80°F using Air Conditioning, the cold and clammy conditions worsened, and their energy bills were soaring.  

David called on the team at Quest for a permanent solution to their environmental humidity issue. 

The Solution 

The team at Quest immediately dispatched to the client’s facility to better understand the humidity conditions and the problem areas which required remediation. With the addition of free humidity monitors, the team could see exactly what problems existed within the system.

Self Storage
Storage Depot, Hammond, LA

The data in the yellow section shows the steady temperature but damaging humidity levels caused by the Air Conditioning system. Quest climate control equipment does a lot more than regulate temperature, unlike the expensive HVAC system the client recently had installed. To solve their humidity problems, they would require a true climate control system.  

Quest installed a Quest Dry 155. The ducted LGR dehumidifier can remove up to 155 pints of water per day from the area. The grey shaded area shows the humidity levels drop considerably but there were still some undesirable temperature and humidity swings.  Quest advised David to increase the temperature set point to 85°F since this is an unoccupied space and the green area shows complete climate control was achieved.

The Result: Climate control

The Energy Star-rated dehumidification system offered by Quest would keep the storage facility “higher and drier.” The efficient system makes it easier to keep the facility’s thermostat set “higher,” while the efficient Quest Dry 155 LGR dehumidifier keeps the storage environment “drier.”  In addition to solving the client’s high humidity problem, Quest was able to help the client save money on their overhead costs. The new system meant they could reduce HVAC system use, lowering their costly electric consumption.  

The Storage Depot now enjoys complete climate control and reduced operating costs thanks to the Quest 155.

Quest Keeps Storage Facilities “Higher and Drier” 

For Self-Storage facilities, managing relative humidity is a key factor in retaining clients. High humidity can cause mold and mildew growth, as well as structural damage to clients’ stored property.  

Rather than risking your clients’ family heirlooms, get an efficient dehumidification system perfect for your location, facility size, and specific climate control needs from the team at Quest today. 

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