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Quest Dehumidifiers Dealer | Canada

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Do you need a commercial dehumidifier? 

Protect your assets from the damaging effects of moisture and save money with a Quest commercial dehumidifier.

Designed and Built in Madison, Wisconsin

Quest is a leading manufacturer of dehumidifiers for agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing applications. Learn more about how our dehumidifiers can help control your humidity and save your business energy, time, and money. 

Canadian Distributors

675 Montée St-François, Laval, QC Canada H7C 2S8
Vincent Gagné
Phone: 877-384-9376

106-10334 152A Street, Surrey, British Columbia V3R 7P8
Phone: 604-580-1287

Need more help? Contact Us.

Our dehumidification experts can help properly size your dehumidifier for your unique environment so you can master your humidity and keep energy costs low.

Our team of experts is ready to assist in finding the optimal climate control solution for your self-storage facility.

What is the total square footage of the storage facility?
What is the ceiling height of the storage facility?
Is the facility air conditioned?
Is the facility insulated?
Is there any fresh air or exhaust ventilation?
Do the storage units share the same air?
Are they opened at the top or are they individual units that are closed off from one another?
Is it built with opening at top so air can circulate amongst the units or are the separate individual unit that are closed off from one another?
Location of Storage Facility