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Factors in Starting a Cold Chain Business

Cold Storage Business

Are you considering setting up a new cold chain business? Now is the time! Retailers, restaurants, hospitals, florists and others use cold chain facilities to keep their products and goods safe during storage.  

This lucrative business is relatively low maintenance, has relatively low overhead, and is a simple business venture to start up. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider when setting up a new cold chain unit. 

Business Logistics 

Like any other kind of business you’re starting, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make when starting up a new cold chain unit. Deciding between an LLC and an incorporation, and determining what kind of licensing you need for your area are just a couple of examples.  

You can find a ton of useful information on types of businesses online with the U.S. Small Business Administration, including comparisons on different types of business ventures and outlines for a successful business plan. And for licensing, checking with local and state government offices is a great place to start.  

Cold Chain Facility Location 

If you already have a building in mind, then you’ll be able to jump right in on the fun stuff, like how many units you’ll have and what kind of cooling system you’ll use. But if you haven’t yet decided on location, you’ll want to make this a priority. Targeting a specific industry for your cold chain facility is a great way to start and could help you determine your ideal location.  

As you’re looking for the right location, there are a few things you’ll want to consider in the building itself, including the power capabilities, flooring type, and security of the building. If you’re interested in building your own site, you’ll have much more freedom and be able to create infrastructure that meets your business goals for the present and future. 

Cold Storage Business
Cold Storage Facility

Cooling & Dehumidification System 

In cold chain, few things are more important than keeping the temperature and humidity at the right level. One problem with many cold chain units is their lack of a dehumidifier, which causes high levels of condensation. Condensation can ruin stored goods, cause freezer system failure, and cause mold and mildew around the facility. 

With a high quality dehumidification system, you can integrate the cooling and drying efforts into one efficient system. This will not only save on infrastructure costs, but will also make your cooling efforts more efficient. Considering all of these factors prior to installation is the key to a successful cold chain unit. 

For more information about condensation and the negative affects of humidity in a cold storage environment, check out our post about common issues for cold chain systems here.

Have a Great Team at Your Side 

If you’re in the process of setting up a new chain storage unit, get it done right with the team at Therma-Stor. We can work with you to find the right commercial dehumidifier for your new business venture and ensure it’s the most cost efficient option for you now and down the road. 

Contact the team at Therma-Stor now to learn more. 

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