Why Tenants Leave Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units rely on their customers’ business to stay in the black, which is why it’s so important that tenants don’t leave self-storage units. While there are some factors that you simply can’t control in your tenant’s lives, there is an easy and efficient way to preserve your company’s name and your customer’s items. The understanding of this solution starts with the understanding of why tenants leave self-storage units in the first place.

Tenants No Longer Need Storage Facilities

One of the most common reasons that tenants leave a storage facility is that they no longer need the storage space. Between the valuable market for vintage and antique items and the trend of refurbishing dated pieces into new treasures, it seems people just aren’t storing their stuff like they used to. This decrease in the use of storage facilities is damaging to business, and it is the reason why it’s incredibly important to continue to offer a high quality service at affordable prices, and a safe storage solution for your tenants’ durable goods.

Lost Tenants
Abandoned Storage Facility

Tenant’s Goods Were Damaged in Storage

Along with the fall in usage, the most financially damaging item for a storage facility is unsatisfied customers. Often, tenants will leave such a storage facility if their items are damaged under the facility’s care. This damage might seem easy to avoid through securing the units, however there is an elusive problems that has plagued the self-storage industry since its beginning. Mold, mildew, and have been out of control for too long. These silent monsters can destroy tenant’s goods and your business.

Thankfully, there is an easy and efficient way to combat this growing problem. By utilizing a dehumidification system in addition to your existing HVAC, you could stop the army of mold and mildew in its tracks. But without a dehumidifier, you could be spending way too much on heating and cooling in an effort to lower the humidity levels of the facility.

Pricing of Storage is Too Expensive

And finally, many tenants leave their self-storage facility because the price is just too expensive. Customers want the price to be small enough that it will justify them keeping the items. Whether they’re keeping memorabilia for the next generation, or storing furniture before a big move, they want the items in their storage facility to be safe until they’re ready to withdraw them.

But steep prices for running the self-storage facility often get pushed onto the customer. This is another reason to consider adding a dehumidifier to the existing HVAC system, to deal with the mold and mildew issue with less expense than traditional methods. By saving on overhead costs, self-storage businesses can pass those savings along to their customers—and may even be able to keep some of those longtime return customers.

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