Keep them coming back.

Your customers want a comfortable, sanitary, odor-free facility. Humidity control can help your gym, spa or fitness center put its best foot forward.

Take control of your environment

Quest Dual 105

The flexibility to hang out of the way, install in a separate room and duct, and control remotely means this unit can address even the largest gym or multipurpose room.

Quest Dual 205

Dehumidify even the largest gym or multipurpose room with this high-capacity unit — flexible enough to hang overhead or install, duct and control remotely.

Quest Dual 155

Remove 155 pints of water per day with this energy-efficient unit. The Dual 155 offers the flexibility to hang overhead and save floorspace or even to operate remotely and duct in dehumidified air.

Quest Hi-E Dry 195

If you have different dehumidification needs during different seasons, the Hi-E Dry 195 delivers. Roll this durable, high capacity unit wherever you need it, and store it when you don't.

Quest Hi-E Dry 120

A great solution if your needs change seasonally: This mobile unit's ready to deploy where you need it.

Quest Dry 105

Condition your space without taking up valuable space with this ultra-efficient ducted dehumidifier.

Quest Dry 155

Maximize your space and keep your customers comfortable by installing the Dry 155 where you can and ducting in dehumidified air.

Quest Dry 205

This dehumidifier can be stored out of the way so you can duct fresh, dehumidified air into your space without taking up too much space.