Cloud Control – Plus Module


Quest Cloud Control – Plus Module is the brain of your smart farm. It manages your farm automation system, allowing the equipment in your farm to work together — from lighting and HVAC, to CO2 and irrigation, and pretty much anything else in between.

Cloud Control works with over 95% of 120V systems including lighting, heating and air conditioning, ventilation blowers, pumps, lights, dehumidifiers, fogger/ humidifiers, water chillers, heaters, fans, or just about any other electrical device.

The Cloud Control – Plus Module includes the  Premium Sensor for relative humidity, barometric pressure, air temperature, vapor pressure, CO2 and light.

Professional installation recommended for large indoor grows and greenhouse installations.


More Information

Plus Model
Part Number 4041560

Also comes with:

  • (1) Cloud Module
    Part Number 4041551
  • (2) Antennae
    Part Number 4041667
  • (1) Premium Sensor
    Part Number 4041553
  • (1) 24V Switch
    Part Number 4041552
  • (2) Power Adapter
    Part Number 4041666
  • (1) Extension Cable
    Part Number 4041668
  • (1) USB temp/humidity sensor
    Part Number 4041554
  • (1) Mounting Hardware
    Part Number 4041954

Product Specs




2.25 lbs