Cloud Control – Base Module


The Quest Cloud – Base Module is the brain of your smart farm. It manages your farm automation system, allowing the equipment in your farm to work together — from lighting and HVAC, to CO2 and irrigation, and pretty much anything else in between.

Quest Cloud Control works with over 95% of 120V systems including lighting, heating and air conditioning, ventilation blowers, pumps, lights, dehumidifiers, fogger/ humidifiers, water chillers, heaters, fans, or just about any other electrical device.

Professional installation recommended for large indoor grows and greenhouse installations.


More Information

Base Module
Part Number 4041550

  • (1) Cloud Module
    Part Number: 4041551
  • (2) Antennae
    Part Number: 4041667
  • (1) Temp/RH Sensor
    Part Number: 4041554
  • (1) 24V Switch
    Part Number: 4041552
  • (1) Power Adapter
    Part Number: 4041666
  • (1) Extension Cable
    Part Number: 4041668

Product Specs




1.6 lbs