Our Promise

There is simply no better technology available to ensure precise, consistent and reliable growing conditions. Add to that the lowest possible operating costs and a lifetime of trouble-free performance – you’ll understand why the Agronomic IQ Series really is the smartest solution for serious growers.

How can we deliver on such a large promise?

Truly Innovative Technology

For the past 15 years our industry- leading engineering teams have been innovating, testing and improving our technology at an unprecedented rate to create what is truly the most efficient, effective and most reliable equipment available anywhere in the world. Nobody else has kept pace.

15 Years of Live Monitoring

Imagine the difference it would make if design engineers could see live field performance of over 100 operating parameters and a year’s worth of system data recorded every 60 seconds. That’s exactly what our engineers have done the past 15 years. Not only that, but they’ve had the ability to remotely access, adjust and tweak operating parameters on thousands of units running live in the field. That’s how you perfect system design – and NOBODY else in our industry had this capability!

Lowest Ownership Costs

Our quality and performance- driven innovation has resulted in lower operating costs, lower maintenance costs and the longest-lasting equipment. That gives you the absolute lowest, total cost of ownership and maximum ROI.

Premium Components

We have exceptional buying power and manufacturing scale that nobody else can match. That means we can afford to use premium components to create a truly superior product and price it on par with – or below other vendors.

Dry Cooled, Patent-Pending Economizer Technology

Our units are also uniquely designed, tested and proven to provide peak efficiency using our own proprietary dry coolers for heat rejection. That means we use a glycol/water mix as our cooling agent which in turn, not only reduces the cost of refrigerant, but also drastically reduces installation costs because we use PVC instead of copper. This approach also eliminates the risk of split DX plant-killing refrigerant leaks, while also providing the most stable room conditions possible. It also affords us the ability to use our patent-pending water side economizer to increase efficiency and even eliminate compressor use when outdoor conditions suit!

Precision Control

Our proprietary precision control systems, (not 3rd party controllers), provide modulating heating and cooling, (instead of on-off), to deliver not just the most stable room conditions but also provides lower operating costs and reduces wear and tear on compressors – making them longer lasting and more energy efficient. We’ve also designed our control systems to do some impressive live system monitoring of over 100 parameters, facilitated by built-in pressure transducers and control algorithms that ensure peak performance.

GrowSentry Technology

Every Agronomic IQ system has state-of-the-art, (constant improvement over 15 years), built-in Internet monitoring and remote control. By simply connecting an ethernet cable, you get a whole suite of incredible features, including data logging every 60 seconds 24/7, remote monitoring, trouble alerts and more. Service technicians and factory engineers can also remotely investigate and respond to issues, questions or simply fine-tune unit performance from any internet connected device. The best part of GrowSentry? It’s absolutely free!

Proprietary Dry Coolers

We manufacture our own state-of-the-art dry coolers. They work more efficiently with our controls, provide exceptional heat rejection with high performance, low maintenance coils. With extremely quiet, scalable performance, they also enhance system reliability with independent pump packages. Our dry coolers never use slab coils, so in the unlikely event of a coil failure, you’re replacing a single, man-portable “V-bank” coil instead of a slab coil as is typical with other vendors.

Proprietary Twin-System Technology

Our unique-to-the-industry twin-system technology delivers twice the humidity and temperature control capability in the footprint of a single unit. With dual compressors and dual refrigeration circuits, this amazing little innovation delivers not just scalable capacity, but also built-in redundancy. It also delivers more value per ton of capacity – in addition to those other benefits.

Factory Start-Ups

One of the biggest issues in the dehumidification industry is getting equipment started up, fine-tuned and operating properly. It takes dedicated experts who know and understand all of the equipment functionality and operating parameters to get it dialed in properly. That’s why every Agronomic IQ unit comes with on-site, factory technician assisted start-up, plus 90-days of WebCheck live, remote factory monitoring. We want every one of our units to run perfectly, so you get the value and performance you deserve – and we get happy customers.

Industry-Leading Warranty

With proven technology and premium components, we can afford to offer the best warranty in the industry – so we do.

Largest Dedicated Service Team

Agronomics IQ boasts the largest factory-direct service network in the industry. We also offer the most comprehensive list of service options available – and factory service technicians within driving distance of every installation. Factory-direct service means dehumidification service is all we do and every technician works directly for us. That’s how we ensure quality service and the timely, effective equipment care you deserve.

Design Support

Getting dehumidification load calculations correct is a critical part of designing appropriate HVAC into every job. Our team includes not just HVAC engineers, but also leading authorities in the grow room and indoor farming industry. We’re here to help throughout every phase of your project so you and your engineers can rest assured you’ve covered all your bases and dialed both the right parameters and equipment to ensure your complete success.