How to Reduce Maintenance Costs on Commercial Vessels


In the marine industry, annual preventative maintenance is a huge line in your budget. But lowering that figure could help you significantly increase your bottom line, which would mean more money to spend on expanding your business or adding innovative features to your fleet. Unfortunately, without lowering the cost of preventative maintenance for your commercial vessels, you may be eroding your profits.Marine Dehumidification can help.

How to Reduce Preventative Maintenance Costs on Commercial Vessels

When we talk about preventative maintenance that you have the ability to reduce or eliminate, we’re talking about the cost of periodically servicing your commercial HVAC system, painting the interior and exterior of your ships to hide corrosion, staining, or mold, and cleaning common areas. While all of these are necessary now, it’s possible that there’s a way you could cut down on the relative humidity on your commercial vessels and lower the need for that preventative maintenance.

Adding a commercial dehumidifier to your commercial vessels could be a huge difference in the way you deal with moisture, mold, and mildew. Instead of just turning your vessels into floating refrigerators, a marine dehumidification system will actually remove some of the moisture from the air. By using this system in conjunction with the existing HVAC system, you could raise the temperature inside your vessels to a more comfortable temperature (around 76 to 78 degrees), and use a dehumidifier to dehumidify the ship to below that 55% relative humidity threshold.

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This method isn’t a quick fix or a band-aid. It’s a preventative solution to the problem of relative humidity that we’ve discussed in detail on our blog. Using the HVAC system alone is somewhat ineffective because instead of removing moisture from the vessel, you’re just lowering the temperature. In some settings a lower temperature may help, but in a marine environment it acts more like a giant refrigerator since decreasing the temperature actually increases the relative humidity. On the flip side, adding a dehumidifier to your HVAC system adds airflow, lowers the relative humidity level, and can keep the whole vessel at a more comfortable temperature for your crew.

Where to Redirect Those Saved Preventative Maintenance Funds

If you’re used to the idea of spending preventative maintenance funds on things like mold remediation and paint, you can take a deep breath and imagine something a little more exciting for part of that line item. With lower relative humidity aboard, you won’t need to do as much of that maintenance as often.

And that means you can spend those extra funds expanding your business, providing quality healthcare to your crews, and maybe even throwing that annual holiday party you’ve been thinking about for years (complete with fireworks for the kids). Redirecting those saved preventative maintenance funds will be an exciting endeavor and the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Learn More About Marine Dehumidification

Taking the proactive approach of adding a dehumidifier to your commercial marine fleet could mean tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars saved on preventative and rehabilitative procedures. Instead, those funds could be better utilized upgrading your fleet, adding simple comforts for your crew, or adding another vessel to your fleet.

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