How to Prevent Frost and Condensation in Cold Storage


If you work in the refrigerated building industry, you already know, frost and condensation are the tell-tale signs you have a humidity problem. It doesn’t take much for moisture infiltration to negatively affect the cold space via condensation, slip hazards, or excessive coil freezing. This unfavorable build-up of moisture can cause an even bigger problem in cold storage than it would in dry storage due to the tightness of the building envelope.  

Time to Fix Your Humidity Problem Once and For All

With a Quest desiccant dehumidifier, you can remove more water in cooler temperatures than with a refrigerant-style dehumidifier.  In cases where dew points are below freezing or where external ducting isn’t practical, Quest desiccant dehumidification allows you to remove more water at a wider operation range.

As your facility production or size increases, so do your dehumidification needs. The TR 1500, 1900 and 2400 are popular choices for warehouses, distribution centers and food processors who need to control humidity in large spaces at low dew points and temperatures down to -40°F.

Benefits of Dehumidification Systems

  1. Prevents frost and condensation
  2. Stops conditions that create mold, mildew, staining, and bacterial growth
  3. Reduces defrost cycles
  4. Curtails corrosion causing condensation
  5. Reduces energy consumption in refrigeration system
  6. Eliminates slip-fall hazards
  7. Aids in regulatory compliance
  8. Accelerates clean-up drying

Principles of Desiccant Dehumidification

  1. Humid process air passes through silica gel wheel, adsorbs water
  2. Dry air is returned to conditioned space
  3. Wheel rotates slowly (3-4 RPH)
  4. Heat added to second air stream, passes through regeneration portion of wheel
  5. Very hot, very humid air is expelled from facility

We’re Here to Help!

Are you ready to stop struggling and start fighting high humidity in your cold chain facility? Contact the team at Quest (1.877.420.1330) to learn more about how a Quest desiccant dehumidifier can help solve your humidity problems.