How Climate Control Keeps Self-Storage Customers

Adding climate control to your self-storage facilities can be a sizeable investment, which may be why many Facility Managers and owners take their time adding a commercial dehumidifier to their existing HVAC system. But drawing out the process could cost your self-storage business money.

Keep reading to learn how building climate control helps retain self-storage customers and, at the same time, help you grow your business.


Benefits of Climate Controlled Self-Storage

We’ve already talked about the hefty price tag of self-storage humidity problems, but we don’t often talk about the benefit of climate control to the self-storage business itself.

Here are three ways climate control benefits a self-storage facility:

  1. Protects Infrastructure – Mold, mildew, corrosion, and rust don’t just affect the items stored in your facility. They also have a substantial negative impact on the storage facility itself. Structural damage is possible and commonly caused by high humidity. Avoid this damage by keeping humidity levels below 60%.
  2. Free Marketing – Customers aren’t going to stay very long at a storage facility where their items are getting damaged. They’re also not going to be telling their friends about their great experience. Odds are, though, friends, family, and everyone else on their social media feed will be hearing about Grandma’s antique furniture which was damaged at your location.  Bottom line, word-of-mouth can be your best marketing tool or worst nightmare.
  3. Retain Customers – For the same reason as stated above, self-storage customers will stay at a facility for long periods of time when they’re confident knowing their stored items will be safe and cared for. Investing in a climate-control system is an investment in the longevity of your business because it helps you retain customers for life.

Why Self-Storage Customers Pay More for Climate Control

The operating costs of a proper climate-controlled storage facility are the same or lower than a conventional storage facility with a simple temperature control because the temperature does not need to be set as low, saving AC run-time. There are some upfront costs but what will you earn back by making this investment?

It turns out you can increase your revenue considerably. Self-storage customers are often willing to pay a 15 to 35 percent premium for climate-controlled facilities compared to conventional self-storage units.

Here are a few reasons why customers will pay a premium:

  • They know their items are safe from the damaging effects of mold and mildew. Climate control prevents both.
  • They know they won’t have to endure foul smells when they remove their items from storage later. Climate control prevents mold and mildew.
  • They feel confident they won’t encounter any creepy crawlies or critters when removing their items from storage. Pests don’t thrive in climate controlled facilities.
  • They know the facility is run by people who genuinely care about their stored items.

Learn More About Commercial Dehumidifiers

If you’re considering adding climate control to your self-storage facility, consider choosing a commercial dehumidifier from Therma-Stor. We’ll work with you to find a humidity solution that works with your existing HVAC system and infrastructure. Contact us now to learn more.