Advanced Dry Cooler Technology

A Grow Room Breakthrough

AgronomicIQ brings proprietary, custom-designed Dry Cooler technology to the cannabis market to solve the most expensive and challenging problems in the industry.

Virtually Self-Cleaning

Our dry coolers are engineered for optimal performance with our proprietary system controls using state-of-the-art condensing coils that are virtually self-cleaning to maintain a lifetime of peak performance.


Our fans are also the quietest in the business, employing ECM motors for bulletproof performance and scalable fan speeds that adapt perfectly to maintain minimum energy consumption and infinitely scalable demand-based performance.

85% Less Refrigerant

The other powerful advantage of our dry cooler technology is that it allows us to use up to 85% less refrigerant than traditional split DX systems, while using simple PVC piping to connect – without restriction of line length. For the indoor grow industry, using a glycol fluid mix for cooling and condensing purposes not only increases system reliability, but it also virtually eliminates the crop-killing risks associated with refrigerant leaks and the exorbitantly high cost of refrigerant replacement.

Built-In Pump Package Redundancy

Our proprietary dehumidifier controls, coupled with our proprietary dry cooler designs, really do provide the most stable room conditions possible with the least exposure to on-off control spikes or drops. And by using multiple condensers in series with built-in, independent pump packages, you get another level of scalable energy consumption plus the added benefit of redundant and independent sources of heat rejection.

The Result

The most flexible, scalable, energy efficient and redundant heat rejection system in the industry – with the absolute simplest and lowest cost of installation.

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