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Quest TROTEC TR 570 / 830 / 1100

TR Series

@ 80 F/60% RH

  • Capacity 570–1,085 Pints/Day
  • Supply Voltage 380-480V
  • Current Draw 23 – 42.8 Amps


Our mid-sized units are tremendously versatile, capable of removing 570 to 1,085 pints of water per day. The TR 570, TR 830 and TR 1100 each offer a great starting point for facilities in need of consistent humidity control to maintain product quality, but when you don’t need our largest models.

Due to their modular design, standard across all Quest Trotec models – they can grow with your business through a simple software upgrade and part replacement. No need to buy and install a new unit.

Key Features


Ability to switch out the fan and heater as well as update the firmware, allowing for expanded capacity


Of temperature and relative humidity


Easy-to-use controls deliver precise variable grain depression to meet requirements of any application



Can grow with your business


Easy and quick to find replacement parts, from fans to hardware


@ 80 F / 60% RH

Water Removal

570–1,085 Pints/Day

Current Draw

23–42.8 Amps

Part Number

TR570: 4041640
TR830: 4041650
TR1100: 401660

Dehumidifier Type

Desiccant Dehumidifier


1,380–2,530 CFM

Operating Temperature

-4 F Min–104 F Max

Supply Voltage

380–480V, 50–60 Hz

Unit Dimensions

30″ W x 52″ H x 53″ L

Unit Weight

507.1 lb–595.2 lb

Air Filter Dimensions

12″ x 12″ x 2″


Variable speed EC Motor


1 Year

Sizing & Selection

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