Agronomic IQ Classic Series

Our Classic Series delivers exceptional capacity and state-of-the-art performance in a small footprint, loaded with high performance features like GrowSentryTM Internet Monitoring.


  • 10 to 100 lbs/hr moisture removal capacity
  • 650 to 8,000 CFM of air handling


  • GrowSentryTM Internet Monitoring and control as a standard feature
  • CommandCenter® control system with sophisticated touch screen operator panel
  • Refrigeration pressure transducers can be monitored via GrowSentryTM
  • Mechanical vestibule outside the airstream makes service a breeze and protects components from corrosion
  • Fully dipped, Electrofin® coated, high performance coils for total corrosion protection
  • Direct drive backward inclined plenum fans with EC motors for supply air (higher static pressures, quieter operation)
  • Field configurable supply air outlet
  • Wide range of auxiliary heating options, if required
  • Compressor protection: pump down, crankcase heater, voltage monitor, suction heat exchanger
  • Heat rejection options include dry cooler, cooling tower or chilled water

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