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VPD: A focus on flowering

Key Takeaways (TL;DR) VPD in your cultivation during flowering affects flower color, aroma and how resinous the buds are when you harvest. Start with this VPD range from late veg…

Three quest dehumidifiers lined up horizontally showing the M-CORR technology logo above M-CoRR Technology

M-CoRR Technology

Apr 21 2023

Discover the science behind the machine. multi-coil refrigeration recovery The secret behind Quest’s unparalleled energy-efficiency is our patented multi-coil design, or as we like to call it: M-CoRR (short for…

background California Title 24 compliance checklist

California Title 24 updates California title 24 compliance checklist I am building a new cultivation. What do I need to know? If you are working with an architect or engineer…

background California Title 24 FAQs

California title 24 updates Quest has compiled a list of California Title 24 FAQ. These frequently asked questions regarding to the latest updates to Title 24, Part 6 , which…

Non-ducted Quest dehumidifier California Title 24 compliance overview

What it means. Why it matters. California Title 24 updates On January 1, 2023 updates pertaining to cannabis and other indoor agriculture went into effect for California’s Title 24, Part…

Quick Tip Videos quest video library

quest video library

Aug 29 2022

Quick Tip Videos Dansplainin’ About Quest Quick Tip Videos Quick tip videos Dansplainin’ DANSPLAININ’ EPISODE 08: The Real Cost of Reheat Using reheated…